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You may face a situation when you are unable to download or install the automatic Malware Removal Tool in your System. No matter how many times you try to download, one or other problem arises such as error message, downloading interruption and so on. If you also face the same issue then it is advised to follow the below mentioned guidelines.

To Begin the download process, first of all, restart the PC in Safe mode. Remember to write down the the download link as once the downloading process begins, all the opened pages in web browsers will automatically get closed.

Follow the below mentioned steps to restart Windows PC in safe Mode with Network

  • Press F8 button a few of times once your reboot the computer
  • A Safe Mode with Networking option will be displayed
  • Press the Enter button and wait until the Pc loads
  • Message will pop up to continue for Safe Mode
  • Press Yes option and start browsing in Safe Mode

To get additional information on how to run Windows PC in  Safe mode, you could check the Microsoft official site. Click Here to Know More

Here, it is to be noticed that virus restrict the user to browse certain websites. It changes the System settings using proxy server as a result you may notice error messages and other problematic situations while browsing legitimate websites. So, it is very important to that you fix such problem so that you could download the utility easily required to remove the harmful Malwares. Follow the below the steps to fix the issue.

Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools. Check for Internet Options and the following image will be displayed.

Click on Internet Options

Next click on Connection option

Then, Press on LAN Settings

Uncheck the Box labeled as Use a proxy server for LAN and Click OK

After completing the above steps one by one, the proxy sever will get disabled and you can easily browse the websites easily with no problem. Just Restart your PC and begin the download process for installing the utility.

Download and Run FixNCR Tool:  This a free application but is extremely powerful and effective in disabling the existing virus in your PC. It can be easily downloaded in any Windows PC without any worries. It adds certain values in the Windows Registry Editor. Select “Yes” option when the registry warning message occur during the installation process.

Download Speedy PC Pro Tool: The Malwares infects the System by injecting its registry entries and modifying the running processes. This result in the overall slow performance of the PC. With the software, you could easily clean your registry entries and restore the original registry settings. This will fix the performance related issues and will enhance the overall speed of the System.

Download the Automatic Malware Removal Tool: Install and run this tool to wipe your System from harmful Malware and delete the harmful malicious file present in the System. This will automatically delete all the registry entires, files, as well as junk item installed in the Pc. Your computer will get free from any Malware threat and its performance will get enhanced as never before. Additionally, it will protect the System from future such Malware attacks.

Remove Spyware, Virus or Malware using

Anti Spyware Software


Download the software to remove the Virus. Spyware or Malware automatically from the computer.

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